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Stories of Hope

Your purchases and donations go towards our Puppy Development Program, helping us breed, raise and train puppies to become Guide Dogs, as well as support other Guide Dogs services.

All profits from our Christmas Gift Catalogue will go towards changing the lives of people living with low vision or blindness.

Gemme's Story

Gemme walking down steps using a white cane

"Guide Dogs have helped Gemme to gain the skills and confidence to help her navigate her school environment with care and ease.

Guide Dogs also help the school to support Gemme in exploring her new school setting in an independent but safe way.

These two things are key to having a fun and successful start to a continued life-long learning experience. Thank you Guide Dogs".

- Dee, Gemme's mum

Cody's Story

"Since commencing my training with Guide Dogs, I have become more independent and confident in my personal and work life, which has also benefited my mental and physical health.

These improvements make the challenge of living the rest of my life as a blind man, much easier to manage, and enable me to focus on positive life experiences."

- Cody, Guide Dogs Client

 Cody walks how a street using a white cane

 Karlee's Story

Karlee with her yellow Guide Dog Olympia

 "Before I had Olympia I struggled with independence. I had no confidence and struggled emotionally as I felt trapped and isolated.

I dreamt of one day having the freedom and independence everyone around me had. With my Guide Dog Olympia, I am able to walk much faster and travel independently which is the best feeling.

Olympia is a huge support to me at university and it's crazy how close we have become. 

What's even crazier is Olympia's name! Imagine my surprise at being matched with a dog called Olympia when I am aspiring to compete in the Paralympic Games!

Not only is Olympia my eyes, she is my confidence, best friend and baby girl."

- Karlee, Guide Dogs Client 

Kadek's Story


"Meeting my Guide Dog Livinia was love at first sight and we bonded straight away. I was already independent, but since getting Livinia, I have a new sense of independence.

Sometimes she makes me feel like I don't even have a disability - I have complete trust in her.

My mental health is amazing and life has completely changed. Guide Dogs helped me in my darkest hour. I wouldn't be where I am today without Guide Dogs."

- Kadek, Guide Dogs Client

Kadek walking outside with his yellow Guide Dog Livinia


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